Are there any ghosts in CMC?

1. 8:05pm Let’s be a ghost myself, so it’s more likely to see one.



2. 8:13pm Let’s check 9th Floor. Where’s my reflection?


3. 8:15pm Well, a nice weather for ghosts to show up.


4. 8:21pm The inspiring lake, but please show me some ghost… It’s too bright.








5. 8:49pm Be nice, I bet the ghost will love this.

6. 10:10pm Finally, some dark place. any ghost?


8. 11:48pm I didn’t see any, all lifts were down.9. 11:48pm Okay, let’s get back to get some drinks…

10. 11:56pm


11. 12pm 


Fine… let’s teleport.



12:16pm already…Heading back.


It’s completely dark there.



any ghost in this park? 




This place will be history soon.



Well, my teleport station.






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